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    the band hansen is so epic and stuff!!!!!!!!

    May 29 10

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    wanna piggy back ride girl on my segway?

    May 29 10

    ya foo, i gotz da spinnerz on my segway, my homie in the i.c.p shirt next to me has gold datins with eagle knock offs on his shit, and my other padnah up front, well he cant afford one so he leads the pack on his sweet ass roller blades. so waddya say?, wanna ride with this crew?

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    ah those earbot blues.

    May 27 10

    its been about a year since i’ve worn my hearing aid. i know that i should have, for my balance and all, but putting that thing in my ear everyday truly made me feel like an old man, but i started again. a while ago while riding my tricycle, i ripped off the handicapped placard on the basket, stopped using my cain, and rarely brought up my incident. not because it was painful, but i am sick of being disabled, and i am trying go back to the way i was, but a lefty now. i started to think that way when i had to ride my tricycle to wallgreens to grab my anti seizure medication. i went inside to pick it up and stood in line for about an hour. i come out to unlock my trike and before i could unlock it i yelled FUCK THIS!, ripped it off the basket, and threw it away. i already had my meds in my hand, was unlocking my trike, and was wearing a hearing aid. i also stopped wearing the hearing aid because i wanted to pretend. i just recently started to wear it again, because i figured that my equilibrium will never repair itself.

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    fuck ya he's going for it!!!

    May 26 10

    last week a client of mine asked me to draw an octopus thrashing around in water. i busted out the sharpies, said alright russle have a seat. i tried to freehand the octopus on and started to sweat. i wasn’t familiar enough with that design, so i told him after drawing on him for fourty minutes that we needed to reschedule so i can have the time to draw it out. plus, the octopus design was a half sleeve and russle is about six foot two inches. at home i busted out the sharpies again, this time on paper. i was able to have complete time to find the proper reference in my library, and do the design based off shapes how you would on the skin, but i was able to fly through it, this is a japanese style design, and i was not familiar enough with them to try to freehand it. i finished the octopus drawing, and was laying in bed looking at it. i was really happy with it, but i got an idea for a second that really exited me. the idea i had was a design that i absolutely love. it was a skull with snake tail like tentacles, thrashing around in blood, and wings at the end of the 8 tentacles. i immediately got up to tape a piece of tracing paper over it, and take notes of my idea so i could start drawing it the next day. the next day i drew it using the octopus a had drawn before for a template. today i had a consult with him to make the tattoo appt. and brought the two drawings down to sacred. i lay the designs out, hoping that he picks the one of the skull. he walks in and i show him, i say “this is the octopus(more straight foreword), and this is the skull octopus with snake tail tentacles,thrashing around in blood”, he says “i like the skull one, lets set an appt. for next week”. FUCK YA!!!

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    i couldnt believe my eyes.

    May 23 10

    yesterday i was sitting in front of sacred tattoo in downtown oakland, admiring the sun, and a whole army of dildos roll by on their segways. these weren’t just any segways either, they had different colored wheels on them. the wheels were also knobby for what looked like the off road adventure that they would never take. they were a few dumb white kids, and in the pack was 3 local suits. the suits ties were flapping in the wind as they rode triumphantly up broadway. they tried as hard as they could to look tough on those things, but trying to look tough on a segway is like trying to eat a banana and not look like you are preforming a falic gesture.i couldn’t stop staring, i couldn’t believe my eyes!!!

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    yes, girls can get tattooed also!!!

    May 16 10

    i constantly get asked “hey bro, i bet you get to see a lot of tail doing this?”, my reply is “so”. the truth is i don’t give a fuck where you plan on getting tattooed, it will only affect the price, example: boob = chest = more money for the area, guy or girl, boobs or no boobs. in fact most real tattooers that really like the work that they did on your boob, or around it will cover your nipple for the picture of it in their portfolio.all that you should be curious about when about to be tattooed by a true tattooer is your privacy while being disrobed.the outcome of the tattoo is our main concern, not your saggy boob.

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    East Bay Express Letter to the Editor

    May 14 10

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    the skull seperates the gnarly from the squares!

    May 09 10

    through time the skull has always been the symbol of i dont give a fuck, i will kill you. i’m glad it still is, and no matter what dickheads want to sell the image to make a buck off of it, it still has that stigma. for example how often still does a mom not let her child ride a skateboard with a skull on it, or they only want crap that promotes life like flowers or butterflies. i’m not saying that those images are totally stupid, i’m just saying that remembering back to when i started skateboarding i always wanted the fucked up board graphics, or the skulls. same with design ethics.even to this day the skull is the sign that we will bare, no matter who profits off it, we know that they are fake. funny thing is also they think skulls are evil, and are opposed to them using their skull to think that . long live the skull.

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    wont lay down!!!

    May 09 10

    i am no longer scared of my surroundings, i am more scared of the people that claim that they are here to protect. i know that there was a reason that the thugs came back the next night, broke in, and shot me. be cautious of not where you choose to live, but the circumstances you are in. if you get one thing dear to you taken away replace it with another thing that you loved before it was taken, and make it stronger. in other words don’t lay down!!!

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    yes, no junk mail!!!

    May 02 10

    a few months ago a guy from canada mailed me a drawing that he did. the drawing is the title of my book “keep laughing” in a banner, with a laughing mouth, and a diamond above it. at the bottom it reads thank you for the inspiration. that piece of mail made me a happy person. i am glad that what i went through and still am fighting helps others to overcome any hurdle in life, and will continue to make even the biggest problems nothing. I’m pretty sure that my incident isn’t the worst that any can go through, but it is nice that through my story i can remind others to keep laughing, thats the ultimate goal with my book. glad to know that i inspired one.

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    Eastbay Express article

    Apr 23 10

    Devon’s got the cover of the East Bat Express this week! We’re pleased that the article they wrote provides many insightful viewpoints of the event from Devon friends and family as well as his first person accounts. Its a good sample of the things that his book will cover in more depth. A thank you to them for their responsible and thorough journalism. Read the story here

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    Thrasher Magazine

    Apr 21 10

    Check out the May issue of Thrasher Magazine. Devon’s art is featured in the recurring Canvas section, which showcases the work of artists who also skate.

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    diamonds are forever

    Apr 15 10

    This diamond under my right eye was the last tattoo that I got before I was shot in the head. I drew it, then my friend Matt tattooed it at sacred in Oakland, in the summer of 2006. I then got shot in the head behind by right ear later that summer. Because I had a diamond tattooed under my eye, and I was shot in the head on the right side, and still alive. True friends and family figured that they always say that diamonds are forever, and got the tattoo. The diamond under my right eye won’t save me from age though, and didn’t from the bullet, it was the hardworking brain surgeons at Highland Hospital that I give 100% to.

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    the transition to LHP!!!

    Apr 15 10

    Before I was shot in the head, notice that my art was a lot more straightforward (example: a rose, or a girl head with a snake, or a panther,etc…). I look at my art now and notice that my imagery looks a lot weirder now. Read the caption on the bottom of the pictures and you will notice that the right-handed stuff is more one point, and the left hand stuff, after I was shot in the head is more distorted. I have a different outlook on every facet of life now, writing, or art. I am more than comfortable with this, and I wrote this because I still get asked by clients if my art is still the same. Truth is the formulas are formulas and never change, but the brain does, and mine did. I am not sucking my own dick here by saying, “I’m a fucking weirdo dude,” I’m just saying my thought process is forever changed because of this, but for the better, it’s more fun. Thanx!!!

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    Stand tall art show photos

    Apr 11 10

    Great turn out for the Stand Tall show at Old Crow tattoo in Oakland Friday night. A diverse group of artists brought out all kinds in the east bay. Tons of people, art, open containers, a live show, and some nudity. Thats how its done and nobody got hassled by the man. Oakland needs more events like this. Thank you Old Crow, Miker for the photos, and all the artists!
    AKO and Jeff Meadows, Desi, Dmise, Enks, Ian Ross, Indigo, Jae54, Joker and Poesia, Kema, Lord Satyr, Max Ehrman, Natrl, Safety 1st and Deadeyes, Salem, Siloette, Smear, Ras Terms, Vyal, Zore, and Devon Blood, duh
    Also the show stays up until May 5th so go check it out, 362 Grand Ave, Oakland Ca.

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    East Bay Express article.

    Apr 10 10

    I was interviewed for my book recently, and hope the words that I said are what is put in the mid April issue of East Bay Express. She also interviewed my mom, which is awesome, but of course I remember things from growing up a lot different than her, and when any of us kids say, “Remember when mom…,” she says that it didn’t happen. All of us kids remember these things happening, and I gather that my mom wishes they didn’t. I know how these things go, it seems no matter how you tell the person interviewing you how it happened over, and over again, they seem to twist it all up. (example: what do you do every day?, you say, “Well I ride my skateboard.” Then the article comes out and says, “Well, I roller blade around, with lipstick, wig, and fishnet stockings on.”) Who knows, I guess I’ll see when it comes out.

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    Hail the Triangle!!!

    Apr 08 10

    In the late 90′s, the Bizarro tattoo crew was formed, a weirdo, productive, and true art crew of four. At the time it was formed at Sacred in downtown Oakland there was only four of them, with room for another tattooer. I was tattooing at Industrial Strength in Berkeley at the time. The Bizarro Crew at Sacred was Kicker, Karl, Lil’ D, and Vinse. I looked up to them but was intimidated to walk in there because I felt that I needed to research more about the history of tattooing, design ethic and formula, and machine tuning. I never met anyone there except for Vinse because we went to high school together in Fremont, but I wanted to walk into Sacred and pick their brains. The Bizarro tattoo that I wanted to earn is only done by one of the four Bizarros, the tattoo is on the left palm, is an all-seeing eye and triangle, and has five lines above it, one for each Bizarro, and I wanted to be the fifth.

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    how did you know your ex want you back

    Apr 07 10

    every store everywhere has ed hardy gear for sale.any with a tattoo design, beedazzled, put on a lighter, on bills of hats, on energy drinks,on the back pockets of some jeans sagging at the kneecaps, etc. . . truth of the matter is in this craft of tattooing we dont have a retirement, we just keep on working until we die. in his retirement from tattooing because he is in his 60′s, a dude walks into ed’s shop in sf. he offers ed a lot of money for the use of his name, and a set of his designs. the dude that offered ed the money did not tell him that he would plaster it on everything (i’m surprised there isnt a chea pet, ed hardy tiger). ed being in his 60′s and retired with no surprise said fuck it, and took the money.

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    1992 swing gate!!!

    Apr 02 10

    last night i had a fucked up nightmare. i was doing shading on a tattoo with my favorite machine.the machine is a national swing gate from 1992, chrome plated, original springs, and never re-tuned, even has the silver contact on the front spring, and both springs are rusty. sounds like marbles in a blender but damn it puts it in smooth. i’m working away, then the back spring breaks (good thing it wasnt the outline). i try replacing it for hours but every time i go to run it, it just keeps falling to pieces. through frustration i say fuck it and set up another.

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    ways make ex boyfriend want you back

    Apr 01 10

    every morning i awake at 7am. i brush my weird al yankovic like hair out of my face, put on my glasses, and put on my satin robe to go take a bath. when in the bathroom i sprinkle rose petals around, and in the tub. i then grab my bath balls for my bubble bath. my bubble bath is ready, so i disrobe and climb in. i sit in it for about an hour, then i climb out to dry off. i grab my lavender towel that matches my lavender rug and hand towels, dry off, then put back on my satin robe. i leave the bathroom, and walk through my living room.

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    thank you lee and stuff!!!

    Mar 31 10

    in the summer of 1992 i bart it to emb from pathetica. everyday my friends and i would meet up at the park and ride bus stop in pacifica. one day i skate down there and notice that no one is there. pacifica had very little to skate, thats why we would skate this shitty, slanted, waxed curb at the bus stop. i tried to skate by myself for a little and was turned off quickly. the fun of skating with others ignites you to try anything, and by yourself is like taking yourself out to dinner. i saw the bus that would take me to the daily city bart and so i dove into my pockets.”yes!!!”, i had just enough change to take the bus to bart. i got on the bus. i was happy that by the time that i would get to the spots in sf i would not be skateboarding by myself for the rest of the day.

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    Skateboard deck I just painted

    Mar 18 10

    This is skateboard I painted recently. It is called, “Bloody Bizarro.” It is a tribute to the Bizarro Crew. Hail the triangle. I’m thinking of including works like this at the Stand Tall art show coming up at Old Crow, April 9.

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    Devon Blood interview in Lowcard #33

    Mar 13 10

    Check out the new Lowcard and read Devon’s interview! Oh, and not to mention all the great skating and tomfoolery Lowcard is famous for.

    Thanks Lowcard!!!

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    Electric Oni tattoo

    Feb 01 10

    Two great friends and tattooers, Khal and Clayton from Electric Oni Tattoo in Petaluma. Their shop is beautiful. THANKS DUDES!

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    Thrasher Mail Drop

    Jan 30 10

    Check out Devon’s Mail drop in the newest March issue of Thrasher magazine. “Onward and upward, and keep laughing.”

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    Real skateboards interview from 2007

    Jan 28 10

    Here’s an interview that was featured in Real skateboards’ 2007 catalog. They asked Devon to design a skateboard deck – the proceeds of which went to his medical bills…Devon, for everyone who doesn’t know, can you tell us what happened to you last year?

    I was shot in the head on July 12th at one in the morning, 2006 in east Oakland. I was tattooing and I rode my bike home to my now ex-girlfriends house and some guys broke in and I told her to get out the back window and she couldn’t because there are bars on it and they won’t budge. So I held the door closed and one of the guys came up to the door and he said “Oh Shit there are people in here”

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    Devon Blood Tattoo launched!

    Jan 29 09

    Welcome to DevonBloodTattoo.com. This is the personal website of Devon Blood. Blood is not an alias, it is the name I was born with. I was conceived in the San Quinton parking lot, born at UCSF, and raised in Pacifica. I have six sisters and one brother–I am the second oldest. All raised by my mom. I had seven sisters but when I was five one of them died. It broke my mom and my dad up. My mom is an artist and my dad is a musician. I started skateboarding in 1987 when I was seven. Skateboarding pretty much engulfed my life until I learned to draw.