its been about a year since i've worn my hearing aid. i know that i should have, for my balance and all, but putting that thing in my ear everyday truly made me feel like an old man, but i started again. a while ago while riding my tricycle, i


ped off the handicapped placard on the basket, stopped using my cain, and rarely brought up my incident. no

t because it was painful, but i am sick of being disabled, and i am trying go back to the way i was, but a lefty now. i started to think that way when i had to ride my tricycle to wallgreens to grab my anti seizure medication. i went inside to pick it up and stood in line for about an hour. i come out to unlock my trike and before i could unlock it i yelled FUCK THIS!, ripped it off the basket, and threw it away. i already had my meds in my hand, was unlocking my trike, and was wearing a hearing aid. i also stopped wearing the hearing aid because i wanted to pretend. i just recently started to wear it again, because i figured that my equilibrium will never repair itself.