last week a client of mine asked me to draw an octopus thrashing around in water. i busted out the sharpies, said alright russle have a seat. i tried to freehand the octopus on and started to sweat. i wasn't familiar enough with that design, so i

told him after drawing on him for fourty minutes that we needed to reschedule so i can have the time to draw it out. plus, the octopus design was a half sleeve and russle is about six foot two inches. at home i busted out the sharpies again, this time on paper. i was able to have complete time to find the proper reference in my library, and do the design based off shapes how you would on the skin, but i was able to fly through it, this is a japanese style design, and i was not familiar enough with them to try to freehand it. i

finished the octopus drawing, and was laying in bed looking at it. i was really happy with it, but i got an idea for a second that really exited me. the idea i had was a design that i absolutely love. it was a skull with snake tail like tentacles, thrashing around in blood, and wings at the end of the 8 tentacles. i immediately got up to tape a piece of tracing paper over it, and take notes of my idea so i could start drawing it the next day. the next day i drew it using the octopus a had drawn before for a template. today i had a consult with him to make the tattoo appt. and brought the two drawings down to sacred. i lay the designs out, hoping that he picks the one of the skull. he walks in and i show him, i say “this is the octopus(more straight foreword), and this is the skull octopus with snake tail tentacles,thrashing around in blood”, he says “i like the skull one, lets set an appt. for next week”. FUCK YA!!!